Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

Assetto Corsa

Welcome to Austeam Racing’s Accetto Corsa Championships

  1. Austeam Racing‘s goal is to provide both members and guests with high quality online racing experiences across only the best sim racing titles available. ATR being a member of the “International Sim Racing Federation” ensures drivers that race events, rules and driving ethics are always of a very high & professional standard. This along with the experienced support of our established community forums, voice comms. and high-speed servers, allows ATR to not only be able to host regular race meets & championships, but build a resourceful, friendly and exciting league racing community that represents ATR in the sim racing genre worldwide. Competitive league racing will always have its champions, but we are just as interested in the novice.. So even if you are new to the sim racing genre or a competitive veteran, there is no better place to learn, develop, or apply your skills whilst having fun, than joining a like minded group of enthusiasts in (ATR) Austeam Racing.

    Whether a Novice or Pro, drivers can apply to enter into any of our sim division’s ATR Championships at any stage of their progress, even if it’s just to experience the exhilaration of racing in a well conducted sim racing “league” event for the first time.

    To participate then apply to be an ATR Member (Driver) on our website here > Assetto Corsa Application = Once your “Driver application” form is approved, your access will expand to straight away start participating in any of our “open” practice sessions, sprints, fun runs, etc. that may be running. PLUS,.. your also now able to apply/register into any of our sim division’s “official” championships via our Discord server. This is easily done by either posting in the > general-pub-forum, or by Direct Messaging any of our Austeam Seris Managers from our members list. Existing ATR DRIVERS (ie: general member or above), need only to contact an Austeam Seris Managers to apply/register as an entrant into each sim divison’s “official” championship individually to participate. = Once registered as an “Official” Championship Driver in a particular sim division, participants will then be able to view the (once hidden/closed) private channels for all the info needed to get up and running in that chosen division’s championship shown below….

    Assetto Corsa Competizione:
    2x “Specialized” GT3 Championships per year of 9 rounds each, held… Friday nights, biweekly. Each C/ship = 4x 1hr Pitstop Races (Day) – 2x Double 30min Sprints (Day) – 2x 1.5hr Enduros (N/D) – 1x 2.5hr Super Enduro (D/N/D) (Note: ACC rounds are held on alternate Friday nights to that of our AC rounds).Assetto Corsa:
    2x Championships per year, each consisting of 3 different series of class/vehicles of 4 rounds per series. Each round is held… Friday nights, biweekly. Requires: Content Manager, SOL/CSP, Real Penalty. Round formats: P = 45mins | Q = 15mins/Top 10 Shootout | R = 60mins aprx. (Includes… 2x 2.5hr Enduro’s per year amongst the schedules).iRacing:
    Winston – Nascar Series (Open setups) held… Friday nights, weekly.
    Busch – Nascar Series (Fixed setups) held… Wednesday nights, weekly. .

    PLUS!…. Catering for the more casual or occasional drivers, we also regularly run….

    Practice/Sprints & Fun Runs: From free practice, sprints to full format races, or to outright whacky fun!… Keep an eye out for these open promo event announcements in.. atr-promo-events-streams and our various sim division channels via our Discord Server, as they happen frequently (if not weekly) in between our above schedules.

    So, if you would like to participate with “Austeam Racing” in any of our ATR Championships or Race Events, just post into our general forum / Discord Server channel to enquire, or direct message any Austeam Seris Managers to apply.

    These are assigned to recognize a member’s level of participation in any sim division’s championships and to access such things as more detailed event schedules., race server passwords, official rules & requirements, privately shared content, etc. All drivers must apply/register to participate in an “official” championship. Failure to participate in +50% of a Championship once registered, will relegate a driver’s tag down to either provisional or none. The latter requires the driver to again re-register if they wish to compete in that particular sim division’s championships. Any new entrants that may have joined late and participated in the last half of a championship, will have their attendance evaluated after the first 4 rounds of it’s following championship.
    🅿= ProvisionalUntil participated in +50% of an ATR “official” championship.
    = Assetto CorsaATR “official” championship driver.
    = AC CompetizioneATR “official” championship driver.
    = iRacingATR “official” championship driver.
    🔹= DriversATR “General” Member/Social Driver (No tags, name).. Able to access and participate in all non restricted sim division’s channels and open race activities.
    GREY = Guest Public (No tags).. Access to public areas only.Interested in joining the racing? Complete the application.If looking to come racing with us check out the available DRIVER RACE NUMBER and make application to our Series Managers
    Best contact option to provide a welcome email and details
    Where is your location? (Need to be Australia/NZ Resident and our servers have ping limits)
    Please review numbers already taken - Note 09 and 9 are seen as the same, 109 for example is a unique number.
    Have you had any Online Racing Experience with other Leagues? (If so with who)?
    Minimum requirement Headphones so you can hear any racing brief
    Thanks for completing the form, once reviewed by the Series Manager you will be contacted.

    If needing support at any time please email