GT3 2022 Championship

All drivers must display their ATR Membership name (or ez recognizable derivative of) when competing, set from within their game/sim profile.. (eg: Jon Doesier, or JonDoe, etc). Note: If using a different ingame drivername, please notify a Steward so an (aka name) can be added to your main name for all to recognize in Discord comms, results, etc. All drivers are required to be in the ATR Discord “AC COMPETIZIONE” > Official Ⓒ Race Comms ? < voice channel for all championship races,.. or click here > (Mic is not compulsory, but all drivers need to hear briefings or directions from live Race Stewards).All lap 1 incidents will be reviewed by race stewards post race which may attract a +30<60sec Post Race Penalty (severity dependant). If a driver is deemed to be the aggressor causing any lap 1 incident they can be penalized, even if when at fault and doing a positional redress. NOTE: Extra care must always be taken on lap 1 when having full tanks, cold tyres, or taking any unnecessary risks whilst in close proximity of other cars… It’s a long race, so try not to be “that” guy on the 1st lap.Hitting ESC to “Return to Garage” during any “official” race is prohibited… Pressing ESC to return to garage may only be done during practice, qualifying or when retiring (DNF) from the race. Being auto telepitted or having a server disconnection during a race, means you have been declared terminally damaged, or you have been disqualified by other. A server disconnection is treated the same as an immobilizing vehicle fault whilst on track that cannot be driven back to your pit box for repairs.

ABOUT TYRES: As in RL race events, tyre sets will be limited for all our c/ship rounds.
Race = 5 sets
Sprints = 4 sets
Sprints + = 3 sets
Enduro = 6 sets
Super Enduros = 9 sets
Wet tyres = Unlimited sets.Drivers are advised to manage them wisely throughout all “official” sessions.