Photographer: Daniel Kalisz

Austeam Racing® wishes to welcome all to the new 2024 Season for both the GT4 and GT3 Series, great amount of members will be seen on the grid line up and with the new format in play this year the series is looking even better than last year. Great liveries lined up in both divisions and all keen to get this year underway. The line up in both divisions hold great numbers with new members coming on board at all times. Austeam Racing admin have some fantastic plans and with the likes of the Sim League continuing with the league we have bigger and better things to come.

Also a reminder that later this year the Annual ATR1000 will be upon us and the number of teams expected look very healthy as always, the 2023 annual event was live broadcasted by our friends at ROOZTV providing a fantastic broadcast and the team are all keen to do this same in 2024. Registrations open around September so be sure to jeep your eye’s on that prize.



By Admin