44 Drivers lined up the grid for the first round of the 2022 H1 ACC race at Bathurst, the pace was fast and whilst it was tough to get a clean run during qualifying most drivers were able to put a time down before the official start, the officials held a 5min drivers briefing with the larger field, and it was a time to cover some of the things the officials would be looking for as well as ensuring everyone managed to look after each other on the black stuff.

We had expected another 4 drivers to show however reviewing the back paddock their trailers were not seen. It was now time to form up on the grid and the field looked amazing with the fresh paints on show, some fantastic team colours were also on show and a well done to all for some fantastic liveries on show. 44 Cars were now rolling in readiness for the green, the green was provided and the race was now on. All pit officials (and some drivers) were expecting mayhem at turn one however, surprisingly every car managed to get around without incident and some drivers remained side by side throughout the first couple of laps until every team settled in to a rhythm and started to find their spot on track. The incidents were mostly self-generated for the most and after a full hour and a half of racing the end result was that all had enjoyed the event.

A mandatory stop was required but the teams could take as little as one liter of fuel on but it was up to the teams and their strategies which I’m sure was a moving plan based on any small damaged picked up along the way. The biggest incident (or should I say accident) was at Skyline earlier in the race with car 118 just clipping the outside curb coming out of McPhillamy which in turn had the driver all crossed up and sideways and with a very little clip from the following driver had the 118 on its roof however lucky enough the momentum brought the car back on its wheels again. Now stuck against the wall while watching all the following drivers fly pass looking for the gap. We can report that the driver was fine and a bit embarrassed to take up so much track causing the spin in the first place, whilst everyone thought his race was over, the driver made it to pits and was able to get back out and finish in 14th after a fight back from 41st.

All in all this was a fantastic round for the start of the 2022 season and we look forward to the next round at Austeam Racing.

The bellow footage was capture by our very own Tanna with the second (further below) showing this from the drivers cockpit.


From the Drivers Point of View

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