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October 27, 2021, 11:45:32 AM

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Author Topic: General Online Racing Rules  (Read 3560 times)

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General Online Racing Rules
« on: September 18, 2020, 12:00:14 PM »
General Online Racing Rules, note we have some additional rules for the different types of racing series however the below rules are from other areas including Steam as we feel all should start with the basic online racing rules. We at Austeam Racing, as mentioned in others posts are not about a "win at all cost" attitude, we're looking for clean and enjoyable online racing with like minded individuals.

If you want to enjoy clean and fair racing, it is essential that you and your competitors play by the same rules.
Don´t be afraid there are only five articles, if you act by these 5 basic rules you will wreck less and race more.

1: Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the driver that is trying to overtake, to make sure that the pass is made without contact.

While driving behind a car, you are 100% responsible for avoiding contact.

2: Overtaking

To obtain right of road position, the overtaker's car must have significant overlap of the car that is being overtaken, before they reach the corner's turn-in point.

Bumper next to bumper is where overlap starts.
Door next to door is 100% overlap.

2.1 If there is NO OVERLAP before turn-in point

Ahead drivers have the right to take any line through a corner.

Ahead drivers have the right to choose any line down a straight, but only one move to defend their position. See also 4. Defending.

2.2 If there is OVERLAP before turn-in point

The car on the outside has the right to outside room all the way through the corner, while the car on the inside has the right to inside room all the way through the corner.

(During an overtaking manoeuvre both cars can´t use the optimal line, so both need to slow down in order to stay on their side of the track.)

3: Blue flag

If a blue flag is displayed on your screen, it tells you that a driver (who completed more laps than you) is going to overtake you and you are not allowed to defend. A car alone on the track may use the full width of the said track, however, as soon as it is caught by a car which is about to lap it the driver must allow the faster driver past at the first safe possible opportunity.

Rule No.1 is still in place, so keep on driving on your normal racing line. This is again important to be predictable.

Overtaking, according to the circumstances, may be carried out on either the right or the left. A driver may not deliberately leave the track without justifiable reason.

4. Defending

While you are not blue flagged, you may try to avoid being overtaken with only one (1) direction change per straight.

Movement in reaction is blocking and leads to penalty.
(If you make your move, after the car behind you made his move, that is blocking.)
Making your car wide by not using the optimal line is defending.

More than one change of direction to defend a position is not permitted. Any driver moving back towards the racing line, having earlier defended his position off-line, should leave at least one car width between his own car and the edge of the track on the approach to the corner.

Manoeuvres liable to hinder other drivers, such as deliberate crowding of a car beyond the edge of the track or any other abnormal change of direction, are strictly prohibited. (This rule is the main determination of cornering rules/etiquette).

5. Pit exit

While leaving the pit, you are not allowed to cross the pit exit line.

If you are on the track and a driver is leaving the pit you are not allowed to cross the pit exit line.

iRacing however will provide an in game penalty if exiting pit lane incorrectly.

Drivers must use the track at all times. For the avoidance of doubt, the white lines defining the track edges are considered to be part of the track but the kerbs are not. Should a car leave the track for any reason, and without prejudice to the below, the driver may rejoin. However, this may only be done when it is safe to do so and without gaining any advantage.

A driver will be judged to have left the track if no part of the car remains in contact with the track.

(See below for specific rules relating to Assetto Corsa and ATR)

Causing a collision, repetition of serious mistakes or the appearance of a lack of control over the car (such as leaving the track) can be reported to the Stewards and may entail the imposition of penalties up to and including the exclusion of any driver concerned. It is not permitted to drive any car unnecessarily slowly, erratically or in a manner deemed potentially dangerous to other drivers at any time.

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