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Welcome to Austeam Racing® information library.

If you have any question or just wish to say hi feel free to use our forums as I know our members and staff would be more than keen to say hi or help out.

Please note that the Calendar details are only available to the Austeam Members

The three main racing platforms we use at ATR are:-

Racing Nights at Austeam Racing cover the following platforms and nights:-

Wed Nights: iRacing - Busch Series
Mostly an oval racing option however like the old Nascar days we still run the odd road course.
The Busch Series is managed with Fixed Setup’s allowing those wanting to learn about the racing format with some close racing to just jump on and get an idea on the how’s and why’s of Nascar. Yellow flags are on so be sure to keep your wheels facing forwards.

Friday Nights: Assetto Corsa and Assetto Corsa Competizione Series - Bi weekly
Mostly racing road courses with open setups around a number of locations.
Whilst an open setup environment, a number of our members are very willing in helping out our members group and provide either a setup or some assistance in changes needed to make the racing more enjoyable as well as safe for all.
Flag Marshalls are out and about to warn of danger up ahead.

Sunday Nights - iRacing Short Track Racing
As with the Busch Series events above however this is the higher division of Nascar and allows our members the chance to make adjustments in an attempt to gain some additional speed over others yet ensuring a safe nights racing.
Yellow flags are on so be sure to keep your wheels facing forwards.

Austeam Racing also host a number of Fun Runs as well as Special Events throughout the year and more so towards the end of the year.


Founder & Administrator
Gavin Chatt
Email: info@austeamracing.com.au
WebSite https://austeamracing.com.au

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